Ilm Power Learning Center

Just like Basti Schools and PAHCHAAN’s commitment to making education accessible in every nook and corner of the country, Ilm Power Learning Center was also founded to help children learn and educate themselves free of cost and without any hurdles. Ilm Power Learning Center is a primary school in the remote outskirts of DHA on Walton Road. Conceived with a notion to propagate education over child labour in the area, Ilm Power Learning Center has proven to be not just a school but a holistic center for the kids in the area providing their households with monthly rations and support to their families too. Ilm Power, as its name denotes, is an endeavor to give the power of education, power of discipline, and power of learning to children and their families.


Mother & Child Health Promotion Center:

Mother and Child Health Promotion Center is a healthcare facility established by PAHCHAAN to prioritize and safeguard the valuable lives of several needy and destitute communities with approachable healthcare opportunities. From unmitigated guidance on accouchement, childbearing and childbirth to ensuring thorough care for the child growing up, this Mother & Child Health Promotion Center has become a reason for hope for many in the unprivileged vicinities. In humble collaboration with the Shahid Afridi Foundation, MCHPC is located in Malik Pur Village, Lahore to cater the locals who because of substandard hygienic and sanitation conditions in the area and unfavorable financial circumstances to battle them are suffering from a handful of diseases.
The center has been established at a strategic place in the area as the nearest government or private hospital is at least 4 km from their village and with the limited transport facilities, the local villagers could not go to a registered doctor and had to suffer through the hands of many unqualified quacks. Over 2000 patients have visited Mother & Child Health Promotion Center since its inauguration in April 2019. It is with utmost pride and gratitude to all the people who have supported our cause earnestly over the years, MCHPC did not record even a single casualty in 2020 in a covid-stricken world owing to the urgent care and immediate aid provided to the patients made possible through the contribution of our devoted donors and collaborators.


Child Protection Unit

Child Protection Unit (CPU) is an initiative by PAHCHAAN that caters to treating all neglect, abuse, or harm cases inflicted upon children. This Child Protection Unit proudly and humbly boosts of being Asia’s first and only such protection and help unit of its kind. Opened in The Children’s Hospital as the CPU ward, this facility tackles cases of abuse, neglect, harassment, threat, abduction and even murder. Over the past few years,
CPU by PAHCHAAN has emerged not only as a support and protection unit for children but parents too as our seasoned psychologists are trained to counsel the effectees as well as their families in such cases and help them overcome their traumas.


Basti Schools

PAHCHAAN strives to improve the access of education in underserved communities. With more than 10 years of experience, we have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the challenges that deter people in rural areas and urban slums from attaining the resources to succeed. We engage and train community members, helping parents to realize the value of sending children to school.

Our Basti school in a gypsy community near Babu Sabu Interchange in Lahore, is catering over 100 children, providing an opportunity for the community to understand the concept of education and childcare. The convenience of the interwoven bastis is that the word spreads quickly. We found it astounding that after our work in the initial basti, general populace of the region gave us a positive response and a lot of parents were leaning towards some sort of education for their children.

Rome was not built in a day, transforming bastis does not happen overnight either. We and our staff members are putting our blood and sweat to revamp these impoverished areas. Our community mobilizers and project coordinators go to these residencies and join the residents in their happy and sad moments too.


Mother & Child SupportRight To Support

When it comes to a child’s well-being and nourishment, their family plays the most important role in that. A dysfunctional, problematic family life can incur long-term effects on a child’s mental as well as physical well-being. However, a supportive family can completely shift that. Therefore, PAHCHAAN does not only work with Children singularly but also their families and counsels them of any psychological or psychosocial traumas in addition to helping them economically.


EducationRight To Development

Every child has a born right to education. Education is what shapes up any individual’s future and gives them a prosperous life and future. PAHCHAAN understands the gravity of how imperative education is to life, growth, and survival and therefore, strives continuously to provide children with the avenues and platforms to attain education. PAHCHAAN runs two free of cost learning centers “Ilm Power Learning Center” and “Basti Schools” in remote localities near Lahore, Punjab to provide free and valuable education to destitute kids.


Health & NutritionRight To Survival

Health is Wealth and until or unless the child is healthy, they are not equipped with the right tools and arms to face all challenges of life. Access to basic health facilities and clean nutrition can help transform a child’s life and this is the reason that PAHCHAAN strives to facilitate children with that.


Safety & ProtectionRight To Protection

PAHCHAAN – a center for protection and help of children against abuse and neglect was founded on the very idea of providing physical and mental support to children affected of abuse, neglect, or traumas. For a child to lead a healthy and balanced life, their mental and physical well-being serve as two necessary pillars of support. Hence, PAHCHAAN works tirelessly to ensure that and has two operational units namely “Child Protection Unit” and “Mother & Child Health Promotion Unit” in Children’s Hospital Lahore and Malikpur Village near DHA Phase 8 Lahore, respectively.

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